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The Lambs® is America’s First Professional Theatrical Club, established in New York in 1874, and not a public restaurant. As a social club, The Lambs nurtures those active in the arts, as well as those who are supporters of the arts, by providing fellowship, activities and a clubhouse for its members. Established Christmas week of 1874, and incorporated on May 9, 1877.  We are considered the oldest professional theatrical organization in America.

The Lambs was named after a club by the same name in London which flourished between 1869-1879. The Club’s name honors the essayist Charles Lamb and his sister, Mary, who welcomed actors and theatre folk at their home in Georgian England.

Lambs 2022The Lambs is a social gathering place for entertainment industry and art professionals. Performers, directors, writers, artists and technicians of the entertainment industry gather to celebrate their commonality, in a place where they come to enjoy each others’ company, and to display and hone their crafts in an atmosphere of creativity and support, and to nurture creative endeavors. The Lambs is also a historical society preserving and promoting our remarkable 149-year history.

Historically, The Lambs has been the spawning ground of plays, friendships and partnerships. Mark Twain Tonight (with Hal Holbrook) and Stalag 17 were first performed at The Lambs prior to national success. Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe met at the Club and teamed to make theatrical history, often trying works-in-progress on their fellow Lambs.

The Lambs were involved in the formation of The Actors’ Fund of America, ASCAP, Actors’ Equity, the Screen Actors Guild and SAG-AFTRA.

Since its founding, there have been more than 6,700 Lambs, including such greats as Fred Astaire, Irving Berlin, George M. Cohan, W.C. Fields, Will Rogers, Cornelia Otis Skinner, John Philip Sousa, Spencer Tracy, and thousands more. View our roster of present and past members.

Commonly known as The Lambs Club for almost 150 years, we are The Real Lambs. If you are interested in membership, request an application here.

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The Lambs ® is a registered trademark of The Lambs, Inc., and not related to The Lambs Club Restaurant (disclaimer)

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