They Were Expendable: A Pictorial History

By Lambs Club 4/19/16

L.-r.: Nick Scutti, Mary Owen and Lou Sabini.

Last night The Lambs had another interesting and informative evening, where authors Lou Sabini and Nicholas Scutti shared their book, photos and stories about the making of the 1945 John Ford film, They Were Expendable, starring Lamb John Wayne, Robert Montgomery, Donna Reed, Ward Bond, Lamb Leon Ames and Cameron Mitchell.

Nick Scutti was a young photographer present while filming took place in Miami, then years later teamed up with Lou Sabini to document Nick’s experiences and photographs into the book. The result was Behind the Scenes of They Were Expendable: A Pictorial History.  Joining us was Mary Owen, Donne Reed’s daughter, who shared some letters between GI’s and Doon Reed.

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