The Pullman Car

Railroad Car
During the 1920’s the Pullman Company had more than 9,000 cars operating on American railroads. At the time actors traveled exclusively by rail, and many Lambs’ Gambols traveled the country by rail, raising money for the club. In 1929 Pullman manufactured a steel parlor car in Chicago and named it for The Lambs. It was equipped with 13 kitchen-parlor seats, 1 12-seat dinette, and a 16-seat lounge. I was altered but remained in service for decades. In 1945 Car No. 7007 was sold to the Pennsylvania Railroad and operated for another twenty years from Penn Station. The Lambs car was retired in the 1980’s. Today it is 455 miles from Times Square, on permanent exhibit at the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum in Dennison, Ohio. Today the train lives on in model railroads in HO scale.