Shepherds of The Lambs


The Shepherd shall be the chief executive officer of The Lambs. He or she shall preside at all meetings of The Lambs and of the Council and shall have the deciding vote in the event of a tie upon any question. The Shepherd shall also be responsible for the general supervision and direction of the other officers and the agents and employees of the Club and shall perform such other duties as from time to time the Council may assign to him or her. The Shepherd shall generally manage and supervise the operations of The Lambs. — Excerpted from The Lambs Blue Book

Roster of Shepherds, 1874-Present
Shepherd NumberShepherdLifeOffice TermsBiography
1Henry MontagueHenry Montague1846-18781874-78Actor, founding member, Lambs of London shepherd.
2John Lester WallackJ. Lester Wallack1820-18881878-82, 1884-88Actor, theater owner, co-founded the Actors Fund of America.
3Harry BeckettHarry Beckett1839-18801879-80Actor, comedian, founding member.
4William J. FlorenceWilliam J. Florence1831-18911882-84Actor, songwriter, and playwright. Co-founder of the Shriners.
5John R. BradyJohn R. Brady1822-18911888-90Justice of the New York Supreme Court.
6Edmund M. HollandEdmund M. Holland1848-19131890-91Actor, comedian, charter member.
7Clay M. GreeneClay M. Greene1850-19331891-98, 1902-06Actor, prolific playwright.
8Thomas B. ClarkeThomas B. Clarke1849-19311898-1900Art collector & dealer.
9DeWolf HopperDeWolf Hopper1858-19351900-02Actor, comedian, singer. Made the baseball poem “Casey at the Bat” famous.
10Wilton LackayeWilton Lackaye1862-19321906-07Actor & raconteur. Originated the role of Svengali on stage & screen.
11Augustus ThomasAugustus Thomas1857-19341907-1910Playwright, producer, manager. Credited with brokering the end of the Actors Strike of 1919.
12Joseph R. Grismer1849-19221911-13, 1917-18Actor, writer, producer, and manager.
13William CourtleighWilliam Courtleigh1867-19301913-1917Actor. Among founders of Actors Equity. Shepherd during the Actors Strike of 1919.
14R.H. BurnsideR.H. Burnside1870-19521918-21Actor, playwright, producer. Oversaw Hippodrome Theatre.
15A. O. BrownA. O. Brown1872-19451921-24, 1930-32Theatre manager, Shepherd during Prohibition
16Thomas MeighanThomas Meighan1879-19361924-26First movie star Lamb.
17Thomas A. WiseThomas A. Wise1855-19281926-28Stage and screen actor, known for Falstaff and "The Old Soak."
18Fritz Williams
Fritz Williams1865-19301928-30Stage actor.
19Frank CrumitFrank Crumit1889-19431932-36Actor, singer, radio host.
20William GaxtonWilliam Gaxton1893-19631936-39, 1953-54, 1956-61Star of vaudeville, film, and theatre.
21Fred WaringFred Waring1900-19841939-42Singer, choral leader. Backer of the Waring Blendor.
22John GoldenJohn Golden1874-19551942-45Lyricist, dramatist, songwriter, playwright, producer, civic leader, and philanthropist.
23Raymond PeckRaymond Peck1876-19501945-47Lyricist and writer for vaudeville and Broadway musicals.
24Bert LytellBert Lytell1884-19541947-52Actor on stage, screen, radio.
25Walter GreazaWalter Greaza1897-19731953-56TV, radio, stage, and film actor.
26Frank M. Thomas, Sr.Frank M. Thomas, Sr.1889-19991961-63Stage and screen actor.
27Martin BegleyMartin Begley1903-19851963-66Actor, dancer, and talent scout.
28Harry HershfeldHarry Hershfield1885-19741966-69Cartoonist, humorist, and radio personality
29Jack WaldronJack Waldron1893-19691969Actor and comedian.
30Tom DillonTom Dillon1918-20051969-1986Actor and singer. President of the Actors Fund of America.
31Richard L. Charles
Richard L. Charles1923-19971986-97Stage and screen actor, publishing executive.
32A.J. PocockA.J. Pocock1922-20121998-2001Produced industrials.
33Bruce BrownBruce Brown2002-2008Actor, voice over artist.
34Randy PhillipsRandy Phillips1926-20132008–2013Actor and singer.
35Marc BaronMarc Baron2013-Actor, singer, screenwriter, director and producer. He serves on the SAG-AFTRA (NY Board).