Moscow: Mission Complete!

May 31, 2019

Several Lambs were invited to Moscow to perform The Lambs Theater Lab version of Chekhov’s The Proposal, which has performed many times in our 5th floor quarters. Specifically, the event was held at Melikhovo, Chekhov’s estate. Under the direction of Boy Peter Kingsley, Lamb Annette Berning and Nicolas Baumgartner, accompanied by photographer Brent Katz, headed off to Russia. Below is Peter Kingsley’s report along with video and photos. The Russian hosts were presented with a Lambs pennant, and they presented Mr. Kingsley and The Lambs a plaque commemorating our participation, which will be displayed in our 5th floor.

A press release distributed before the event may be read HERE. A press release sent after the event may be read HERE.

On May 17, 2019, The Lambs Theatre Lab landed in Moscow Sheremetyevo airport. Annette Berning, Nico Baumgartner, Brent Katz and I were met at the airport by Sergey Fatyanov from the Chekhov Museum’s 20th Theatre Festival. The adventure had begun.

We were driven into central Moscow to pick up Australian stage director Aubrey Mellor, then 50 miles out of town to Chekhov’s estate Melikhovo. Here we were met by Museum director Mikhail Ivanovich Golovan for a personal tour of Chekhov’s house and some of the buildings on the 540 acre estate.

Then off we went to set up the stage for our performance on one of the festival’s indoor performance spaces.

Next day was performance day. We had a full house of about 100 seats and the reception was warm and boisterous. Of all the performances, Aubrey reports, ours was only one of three to garner a standing ovation. Russians in general have great respect for actors and acting beyond star worship in part because the live stage is more respected there than here, and Russian playwrights and poets are officially worshipped. When was the last time you saw a statue in the park of Tennessee Williams or a bust of Arthur Miller?

The very next morning we were rounded up and driven to an old Young Pioneer’s summer camp dating back to time of the Soviet Union. Here we three actors faced a ‘jury’ of Russian intellectuals, artists, and actors who each individually told us what they liked and what they didn’t about our little production.

What came across most clearly was a great appreciation for ‘the process’ we had followed in performing Chekhov. The generosity and spirit of adventure which had led us to this moment of sharing our love and respect for the genius of the master writer Chekhov was also much commented upon. With tears in his eyes Mikhail embraced me afterwards.

I witnessed several of the other productions but as they were in Russian it was not always easy to follow the action. But the main goal of the theatre lab had been accomplished for The Lambs had successfully planted its flag on foreign soil, and those who acted in doing so and those who had observed us doing it will never forget it.

— Peter Kingsley

Passing of a Legend

May 29, 2019

We’re saddened to report the passing of Lamb Everett Ray Kinstler. Ray was a member of The Lambs, The Players and the National Arts Club, where he had his studio. Many of his works are on display at The Players, and The Lambs has two shepherd portraits by Ray.  Ray was best known for his unique and special talent of a portrait artist. He has painted 5 U.S. Presidents and has over 100 works in the National Portrait Gallery in Washing D.C…..but for some we best remember Ray for his warmth and dry quick wit.

I recall first getting to know Ray during the unveiling of Shepherd A.J. Pocock’s portrait. I was a member of The Lambs’ Council. At one point Ray sat next to me and we joked around for a few moments. Then he got very serious and he said, “So when will I paint your portrait?” It took 20 years but he did. My time sitting with Ray was memorable. He didn’t paint ‘live’ – we just sat and talked about art, painting, Vienna, all while he’d randomly take photos of me. It was the joke jousting that I’ll always think of when remembering those times.  While I am sad to hear of his passing, I am greatly honored to know this fellow Lamb for 20 years.

Read more about Ray.

— Marc Baron, Shepherd

SAG-AFTRA Computer Lamb Renamed for The Lambs

May 5, 2019

The Lambs Computer Lab Renaming Ribbon Cutting: (L-r) SAG-AFTRA Director, NY Projects and Events, Maura Walker; SAG-AFTRA Exec. VP and SAG-AFTRA Foundation VP, Rebecca Damon; SAG-AFTRA Foundation Treasurer and SAG-AFTRA Nat’l Board Member Maureen Donnelly; Shepherd of The Lambs, Pres. The Lambs Foundation and SAG-AFTRA NY Board member, Marc Baron; Lambs Councillor and Foundation member, SAG-AFTRA Board Member leslie Shreve; Boy of The Lambs and VP of The Lambs Foundation, Peter Kingsley; and Lambs Councillor and Foundation member Sarah-Ann Rogers.

On April 17, 2019, the SAG-AFTRA Foundation Computer Lab, located at 1900 Broadway, 5th Floor, was renamed in recognition for the long-term support of The Lambs Foundation. The space offers classes and access to computers for members of SAG-AFTRA to work on their web sites, resumes, to learn Photoshop, screenwriting, and an assortment of other educational programs to help with their careers. The Lambs Foundation will be offering 10 years underwriting of the lab and, as a result, the space has been named “The Lambs Computer Lab of the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.

The Lambs Foundation has been actively supporting numerous education programs in entertainment and the arts. The Robin Williams Center of the SAG-AFTRA Foundation has a chair named in our honor, along with a plaque in the theater lobby.

Read the full press release about The Lambs’ Computer Lab here: 4-22-19 SAG-AFTRA Foundation Release