Neverwuzez wuz at The Lambs

By Lambs Club 6/26/18

The Lambs and The Lambs Foundation pride themselves in creating an atmosphere that encourages the creative spirit by providing a “place where they come to enjoy each others’ company, and to display and hone their crafts in an atmosphere of creativity and support, and to nurture creative endeavors.” That’s part of our mission statement. Last night, June 26, 2018, was a perfect example when a staged reading of The Neverwuzez went up before a packed house at The Lambs.

Written by Ian Finkel, this dramedy featured Lamb Bob Greenberg, Cheryl Ann Allen, music and puppets. Ian is no stranger to The Lambs – his father, Fyvush Finkel, was a Lamb. In fact, Ian brought his father’s old Lambs’ membership card…and he brought his whole family! Not as audience members but as active players in this event. Ian wrote the book and music, and his brother, Elliot Finkel, provided incidental music on the piano. The actress in the production was not only well cast, but Ian’s wife, Cheryl Ann Allen. Dara Finkel, Ian’s daughter, was the puppeteer for ‘Wheezle’ along with her partner Sam Alicea, the puppeteer for ‘Beezle.’ Ian’s grandson, Landen Finkel, was the stage manager. Even though this was the first time on its feet with only a few rehearsals, The Neverwuzez is well on its way!

Among the packed house were Lambs, guests, Finkel fans, and the Amazing Kreskin, the well-known television mentalist. Attendees made generous donations that benefit The Lambs Foundation.

The below photos by Lamb Dave Konig and Shepherd Marc Baron.