Lambs’ Lingo


Over the years The Lambs has developed a lingo of its own. The following are terms you’ll hear around The Lambs (in alphabetical order)

  • Blue Book — the Constitution, By-Laws, House Rules and Membership Roster published from time-to-time, and downloadable for members
  • Boy — the Vice President of The Lambs
  • Collie — the Producer or chairperson of an event or Gambol
  • Floreant Agni — the official motto of The Lambs. Latin translating to: May The Lambs Flourish
  • The Fold — The Lambs’ Clubhouse1 lamb blue
  • Gambol — a large entertainment event, often a fundraiser (because little lambs gambol or frolic)
  • Herder — the assistant to a Collie
  • Immortal Lamb — a special category for greatly honored departed Lamb
  • Junior Lamb — younger theatrical members under 40-years old
  • Lambkin — a new Lamb during the first year of membership
  • Lambaste — a special event to roast a member or guest, similar to The Friars’ Roast
  • Low Jinks — informal, unrehearsed entertainment
  • Shepherd — the president of The Lambs
  • The Lambs’ Script — the Club newsletter, published since 1932
  • The Wash – (or washing) — an outing for the members. In recent years held at the Actor’s Fund Lillian Booth Residence in Engelwood, NJ.
  • Browsing —  historical term for dining parties. Now used for general social gatherings.
  • Frolic —  a gathering for members with no special theme, open to non-members to view the Club