USS The Lambs

The Lambs

The Lambs sold so many war bonds during World War I—in one drive $1.25 million, about $23 million today—that the U.S. named a Liberty Ship The Lambs. The 9,600-ton transport vessel was launched on 24 November 1918 in Kearny, New Jersey. A special ferry transported 300 Lambs and guests to see The Lambs enter service. The ship was sponsored by actress Ethel Martin, the widow of Capt. Robert Stowe Gill, an actor who volunteered for Army service. He was one of four Lambs killed in the war. Post-war The Lambs and The Players founded an American Legion Post and named it for Capt. Gill. The Lambs took part in the recovery of France and Belgium. It was later sold and renamed, sailing until at least 1977.