The Screen Actors Guild

The Screen Actors Guild was founded in 1933. Ten of the seventeen founding members were Lambs: Clay Clement, James Gleason, Boris Karloff, Reginald Mason, Ralph Morgan, Alan Mowbray, Ivan Simpson, Richard W. Tucker, Arthur Vinton, and Morgan Wallace.

Five Lambs have served SAG as presidents:
Leon Ames (1957-1958)
James Cagney (1942-1944)
Eddie Cantor (1933-1935)
Ken Howard (2009-2012)
Ralph Morgan (1933, 1938-1940)

Fifteen of the original twenty-one directors and officers of SAG, ten of them were Lambs. Of the first 75 members, thirty-six were Lambs. The meetings to form SAG were held in The Masquers’ club in Los Angeles, which was co-founded by Lambs working in Hollywood.

The relationship continues today, where Shepherd Marc Baron serves on the union board, now called SAG-AFTRA, along with Lamb leslie Shreve; National SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard was made an Honorary Lifetime Member in 2015.