Member Roster

The Roster of Lambs, past and current, reads like a Who’s Who of American Theater. Since our founding there have been over 6,600 members. To mention just a few: Fred Astaire, Red Barber, Maurice Belsaco, Ed and Martin Begley, Ralph Bellamy, Edgar Bergen, Milton Berle, Irving Berlin, Eddie Bracken, Joe E. Brown, Art Carney, Earl Carroll, George M. Cohan, Cecile B. Demille, Douglas Fairbanks, Eddie Foy (Sr. & Jr.) Oscar Hammertsein II, William S. Hart, Bert Lahr, Alan Jay Lerner, Frederick Loewe, Ring Lardner, Will Rogers, John Phillip Sousa, Jonathan Winters, Spencer Tracy, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Gene Autry, Will Rodgers, Cliff Robertson, and more.

We invite you to peruse the list of Lambs below. You may search by entering a name in the search box [Last, First] or by scanning through the alphabetical listing. This is a work-in-progress: we are not only adding names to the list, but researching and adding information about individual members. If you know of a member not listed please contact us so we may add it. If you have biographical information on a member please contact usPlease note we have very little information on past members other than what is posted here.

This Roster of Lambs is a comprehensive compilation containing more than 6,600 entries. During The Lambs 141+ year history it has had 14 clubhouses, the most well known was located on 44th Street. Each time the Club moved some records were lost. The entries on this list were compiled from club archives, the Billy Rose Theater Collection of the New York Public Library at Lincoln Center, and the New York Historical Society. Many names were published in The Lambs’ Blue Book (our Constitution, By-Laws and Rules) which also contained members names and committee members. Another source was the club newsletter, The Script. Other sources include some separately printed rosters and program journals from various events. Names in the roster are entered as they appeared in those publications. Any recommendations for additions or corrections should be directed to our club Historian.