Over the years Lambs have been recipients of prestigious awards. In an ongoing project, we are tallying up the totals, which include Academy Awards (Oscars), Tony Awards, Drama Critic Awards,  Pulitzer Prizes,  Emmy AwardsGrammy Awards and others … includes some nominations

Tony Awards

1947Wayne, DavidFINIAN'S RAINBOW Supporting Actor, Musical
1954Wayne, DavidTEAHOUSE FOR THE AUGUST MOON Actor, Drama
1948Hartman, PaulANGEL IN THE WINGSActor-Musical
1948Kelly, PaulCOMMAND DECISIONActor - Drama
1948Brown, Joe E.HARVEYSpecial Award
1948Beisman, PaulSpecial Award
1949Bolger, RayWHERE'S CHARLEY Actor - Musical
1950Blackmer, SidneyCOME BACK LITTLE SHEBA Actor - Drama
1950Hammerstein, Oscar IISOUTH PACIFICLibretto
1950Hammerstein, Oscar IISOUTH PACIFICBest Musical
1950Hammerstein, Oscar IISOUTH PACIFICProducers w/R Rodgers
1952Hammerstein, Oscar IITHE KING AND IBook/lyics
1960Hammerstein, Oscar IISOUND OF MUSICproducer & music/lyrics
1951Berlin, IrvingCALL ME MADAMBest Score
1963Berlin, IrvingSpecial AwardContributions to American Theater
1978Berlin, IrvingLawrence Langner Tony Distinguished life in American Theater
1951Kaufman, George S.GUYS AND DOLLS Director
1952Kook, Edward F.Special Award
1953Mitchell, ThomasHAZEL FLAGGActor - Musical
1953Wright, RobertKISMETLyrics
1953Kaye, DannyTHE PALACESpecial Award
1955Fosse, Bob THE PAJAMA GAME Choreographer
1956Fosse, Bob DAMN YANKEES! Choreographer
1959Fosse, Bob REDHEAD Choreographer
1963Fosse, Bob LITTLE ME Choreographer
1966Fosse, Bob SWEET CHARITY Choreographer
1973Fosse, Bob PIPPIN Director (Musical)
1973Fosse, BobPIPPIN Choreography
1978Fosse, BobDANCIN'Choreographer
1986Fosse, BobBIG DEALChoreographer
1955Erskine, HowardDESPERATE HOURSProducer - Play
1955Griffith, Robert E.PAJAMA GAME Producer, Best Musical
1955Prince, HalPAJAMA GAMEProducer, Musical
1956Prince, HalDAMN YANKEESProducer, Musical
1960Prince, HalFIORELLO!Producer, Musical
1963Prince, HalFUNNY THING...FORUMProducer,Musical
1965Prince, HalFIDDLER ON THE ROOFProducer, Musical
1967Prince, HalCABARETDirector
1970Prince, HalCOMPANYDirector
1971Prince, HalFOLLIESDirector
1972Prince, HalFIDDLER ON THE ROOF Special Award
1973Prince, HalA LITTLE NIGHT MUSICDirector
1974Prince, HalCANDIDEDirector
1974Prince, HalCANDIDESpecial Award
1979Prince, HalSWEENEY TODDDirector
1980Prince, HalEVITADirector
1988Prince, HalPHANTOM OF THE OPERADirection
1995Prince, HalSHOW BOATDirector
2006Prince, HalSpecial Award: Lifetime Achievement
1956Walston, RayDAMN YANKEESActor, Musical
1956Brown, RussDAMN YANKEESSupporting Actor, Musical
1956Begley, Ed, Sr.INHERIT THE WINDSupporting Actor, Drama
1957O’Neill, EugeneLONG DAY'S JOURNEYAuthor
1957Mann, Theodore ‘Ted’LONG DAY'S JOURNEYProducer
1957Lerner, Alan JayMY FAIR LADYBest book of a Musical
1957Lerner, Alan JayMY FAIR LADYBest Original Score w/F. Loewe
1974Lerner, Alan JayGIGIBest Original Score w/F. Loewe
1957Loewe,  FrederickMY FAIR LADYBest Music
1957Hart, MossMY FAIR LADYDirector
1958Bellamy, RalphSUNRISE AT CAMPOBELLOActor, Drama
1959Lindsay, HowardSpecial Award
1959Ruggles, CharlesPLEASURE OF HIS COMPANY Featured actor, play
1959Hague, Albert M.REDHEADComposer
1961Merrick, DavidSpecial Award
1961Merrick, DavidBECKETTBest Play
1964Merrick, DavidHELLO DOLLY!Best Producer, Musical
1964Merrick, DavidHELLO DOLLY! Best Musical
1964Merrick, DavidLUTHERBest Play
1966Merrick, DavidMARAT/SADEBest Play
1968Merrick, DavidSpecial Award
1968Merrick, DavidROSENCRANTS...Best Producer
1976Merrick, DavidTRAVESTIESBest Play
1981Merrick, David42nd STREETBest Musical
Merrick, David
1963Pippin, DonaldOLIVER!Music Direction/Conductor
1964Lahr, BertFOXYLead Actor, Musical
1964Cronyn, Hume, Jr.HAMLETFeature Actor, Play
1966Holbrook, HalMARK TWAIN TONIGHTLead Actor, Play
1967Cohen, Alexander H.THE HOMECOMINGProducer
1970Howard, Ken CHILD'S PLAY Best Featured Actor
1995Bissell, RichardPAJAMA GAMEBest Musical, Book
2014Benincasa, Joseph P.Actors FundHonorary Award
2014Astrachan, MargotGENTLEMAN'S GUIDE TO MURDERProducer
2014Sirola, JosephGENTLEMAN'S GUIDE TO MURDERProducer


1929Chaplin, CharlesTHE CIRCUS Special award for versatility and genius in writing, acting, directing and producing
1971Chaplin, CharlesHonorary Award
1972Chaplin, CharlesLIMELIGHTBest Score
1931Barrymore, LionelA FREE SOULBest Actor
1932Burke, Edwin J.BAD GIRLBest Screenplay Adaptation
1935Berlin, IrvingTOP HAT Nominated Best Song "Dancing Cheek to Cheek"
1938Berlin, IrvingCAREFREENominated Best Song "Change Partners and Dance"
1938Berlin, Irving ALEXANDER'S RAGTIME BAND Best Film Score (w/Alfred Newman) Composer/lyricist
1938Berlin, IrvingALEXANDER's RAGTIME BAND Nominated Best Song "Now It Can Be Told"
1939Berlin, IrvingSECOND FIDDLENominated Best Song "I Poured My Heart into a Song"
1942Berlin, IrvingHOLIDAY IN Best song "White Christmas"
1946Berlin, IrvingBLUE SKIES Nominated Best Song "You Keep Coming Back Like a Song"
1954Berlin, IrvingWHITE CHRISTMAS Nominated Best Song "Count Your Blessings ..."
1936Kern, JeromeSWING TIMEBest Song "The Way You Look Tonight"
1941Kern, Jerome LADY BE GOOD Best Song "Last Time I saw Paris" w/ Oscar Hammerstein
1937Previn, Charles100 MEN AND A GIRLBest Film Score/Head Score
1939Mitchell, ThomasSTAGECOACH Supporting Actor
1940Nagel, ConradHonorary Award work with Motion Picture Relief Fund
1945Hammerstein, Oscar IISTATE FAIR Best song"It Might as Well be Spring" w/Richard Rodgers
1946Hammerstein, Oscar IICENTENNIAL SUMMER Nominated Best Song "All Through the Day"
1955Hammerstein, Oscar IIOKLAHOMA!Best Film Score w/Rodgers et. al
1956Hammerstein, Oscar IITHE KING AND I Best Film Score w/Rodgers et. al.
1965Hammerstein, Oscar IISOUND OF MUSICBest Film w/Rodgers
1947Hart, MossGENTLEMEN'S AGREEMENT Nomination
1951Lerner, Alan JayAN AMERICAN IN PARIS Best Screenplay
1951Lerner, Alan JayROYAL WEDDING Nominated Best Song w/Burton Lane
1958Lerner, Alan JayGIGI Best song "Gigi" w/Frederick Loewe
1958Lerner, Alan JayGIGI Best Film w/Loewe
1958Lerner, Alan JayGIGI Best Film Score w/Loewe
1958Lerner, Alan JayGIG Best Screenplay
1964Lerner, Alan Jay MY FAIR LADY Best Film Score w/Loewe & Andre Previn
1967Lerner, Alan JayCAMELOTBet Fil Score w/Loewe
Lerner, Alan Jay
1964Lerner, Alan JayMY FAIR LADY Best Film w/Loewe
1962Begley, Ed, Sr.SWEET BIRD OF YOUTHSupporting Actor
1973Fosse, Bob CABARET Best Director

Emmy Awards

1952Mitchell, ThomasComedy Actor
1971Holbrook, HalTHE BOLD ONESLead Actor
1974Holbrook, HalPUEBLOLead Actor
1976Holbrook, HalSANDBURG'S LINCOLNLead Actor
1972Fosse, BobLIZA WITH A Z Director
1987Pippin, DonaldGreat Performance Music Direction
1990Cronyn, Hume, Jr.AGE-OLD FRIENDSLead Actor
1994Cronyn, Hume, Jr.BROADWAY BOUNDSupporting Actor, Mini-Series
1994Cronyn, Hume, Jr.TO DANCE with the WHITE DOGLead Actor,Mini series
1994Brown, Bruce Michael Moore's TV Nation Narration
1995Walston, RayPICKET FENCES Supporting Actor
1996Walston, RayPICKET FENCES Supporting Actor
1998Shreve, leslieALL MY CHILDRENMake-up Design
2009Howard, Ken GREY GARDENS Outstanding Supporting Actor Mini-series or Movie

Grammy Awards

1968Berlin, Irving Lifetime Achievement

Drama Desk Awards

1970Prince, HalCOMPANYDirector
1971Prince, HalFOLLIESDirector
1973Prince, HalLITTLE NIGHT MUSICDirector
1973Prince, HalGREAT GOD BROWNDirector
1974Prince, HalCANDIDEDirector
1974Prince, HalTHE VISITDirector
1979Prince, HalSWEENEY TODDDirector
1980Prince, HalEVITADirector
1988Prince, HalPHANTOM OF THE OPERADirector
1995Prince, HalSHOW BOATDirector
1973Fosse, BobPIPPINDirection
1973Fosse, BobPIPPINChoreography
1984Cohen, Alexander H.La TRAGEDIE DE CARMENUnique Experience
2000Cohen, Alexander H.Lifetime Achievement (posthumously)
1986Cronyn, Hume, Jr.Special Award
1986Pippin, DonaldSpecial Award

Pulitzer Prizes

1922O’Neill, EugeneANNA CHRISTIE
1957O’Neill, EugeneLONG DAY'S JOURNEY
1932Kaufman, George S.OF THEE I SING
1937Kaufman, George S.YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU
1946Lindsay, HowardSTATE OF THE UNIONDrama
1950Hammerstein, Oscar IISOUTH PACIFICDrama w/R Rodgers

Other Awards

1945Berlin, IrvingUS Army Medal of Merit
1954Berlin, IrvingCongressional Gold Medal
1970Berlin, IrvingInductedSongwriters Hall of Fame
1977Berlin, IrvingPresidential Medal of Freedom
1986Berlin, IrvingMedal of Liberty (In absentia)
1994Berlin, IrvingHollywood Walk of Fame Star
1947Lerner, Alan JayBRIGADOONNY Drama Critics Award
1957Lerner, Alan JayMY FAIR LADYNY Drama Critics Award
1968Lerner, Alan JayCAMELOTGolden Globe- Best Orig Song
1975Lerner, Alan JayTHE LITTLE PRINCEGolden Globe - Best Orig Score
1985Lerner, Alan JayLifetime Achievement, Lyric WritingJohnny Mercer Award
1985Lerner, Alan JayLifetime AchievementKennedy Center Honoree
1950Hammerstein, Oscar IIHundred Year Association Gold Medal w/Richard Rodgers
1951Kaye, DannyON THE RIVIERAGolden Globe - Best Actor, Musical/Comedy
1958Kaye, DannyME AND THE COLONELGolden Globe - Best Actor, Musical/Comedy
1973Kaye, DannyLions Club Humanitarian Award
1984Kaye, DannyLifetime Achievement Kennedy Center Honors
1986Kaye, DannyFrench Legion of Honor for work with UNICEF
1960Brown, Joe E.Inducted - Hollywood Hall of Fame
1960Lahr, BertMIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAMBest Shakespearean Actor of the Year
1962Chaplin, CharlesDoctor of LettersOxford University & University of Dunham
1965Chaplin, CharlesErasmus Prize
1972Chaplin, CharlesGolden LionVenice Film Festival
1972Chaplin, CharlesLifetime AchievementLincoln Center Film Society
1972Chaplin, Charles Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
1975Chaplin, CharlesKnight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
1970Kern, JeromeSongwriters Hall of Fame (posthumously)
1970Nagel, Conrad3 Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars1 for film, 1 for radio, 1 for TV
1972Hart, MossAmerican Theater Hall of Fame
1978Pippin, DonaldA CHORUS LINE (Orig Cast Album)Gold Record
1979Cronyn, Hume, Jr.American Theater Hall of Fame
1985Cronyn, Hume, Jr.THE DOLLMAKERHumanitas Prize
1985Cronyn, Hume, Jr.THE DOLLMAKERWGA Award
1988Cronyn, Hume, Jr.Appointed Officer of the Order of Canada
1990Cronyn, Hume, Jr.National Medal of Arts
1983Waring, FredCongressional Gold Medal
1986Chamberlain, StuartPaul Harvey Show (writing)WGA
1990Chamberlain, StuartWorld News This Week (ABC Radio, writing)WGA
1993Chamberlain, StuartWorld News This Week (ABC Radio, writing)WGA
1996Chamberlain, StuartWorld News This Week (ABC Radio, writing)WGA
1998Chamberlain, StuartWorld News This Week (ABC Radio, writing)WGA
2002Chamberlain, StuartWorld News This Week (ABC Radio, writing)WGA
2003Chamberlain, StuartWorld News This Week (ABC Radio, writing)WGA
2004Chamberlain, StuartWorld News This Week (ABC Radio, writing)WGA
2009Chamberlain, StuartAmerican Heroes: Triumph and Inspiration (ABC)WGA
2010Chamberlain, Stuart"Paul Harvey: An American Life" (ABC Radio)WGA
1990Prince, HalPHANTOM OF THE OPERADora Mavor Moore Award, Director
1994Prince, HalLifetime AchievementKennedy Center Honors
1992Bellamy, RalphGolden Palm Star Palm Springs Walk of Fame
1995Walston, RayHollywood Star Hall of Fame
1995Wright, RobertASCAP FoundationRichard Rodgers Award w/Geo Forrest
1998Bolger, RayGolden Palm StarPalm Springs' Walk of Stars
1999Mann, Theodore ‘Ted’Eugene O'Neill FoundationTao House Award
2009Mann, Theodore ‘Ted’Theater Hall of Fame