The Montague Society


Henry James Montague was the third Shepherd of The Lambs of London, founder of The Lambs (NY) and its first Shepherd. Formed during Christmas week at Delmonico’s in 1874, Montague never truly saw how his vision of a theater club would flourish for he died in August 1878, less than 4 years after arriving in America. Over the years, when things have looked bleak at The Lambs there would often be a magical turnaround credited to the Spirit of The Lambs. Today we proudly display a portrait of Montague (pictured here), created posthumously and titled “The Spirit of The Lambs.”

In his honor and in the Spirit of The Lambs, we present the Montague Society, founded in 2013.

The Montague Society honors those who have embraced the Spirit of The Lambs by choosing to leave or bequest an estate gift to either The Lambs or The Lambs Foundation, and to recognize the generosity of Corporations or Foundations who have provided financial support to our two organizations. The Lambs and The Lambs Foundation are managed by a board of all-volunteers, so 100% of all donations and bequests are fully used to support their missions.

If you wish more information about the Montague Society, please contact us.


Marc Baron
Paul Bartsch
Vivienne Gilbert
Scott Glascock
Lewis J. Hardee, Jr.
Gerry Ruth
Camille & Ron Savitz
Leslie Shreve