Waring, Tom

Thomas Lincoln Waring (February 12, 1902-December 29, 1960) was a pianist and performer. He was the younger brother of Fred Waring, a Shepherd of The Lambs. Tom Waring was elected to the Club in 1940 when Fred was Shepherd.

Thomas taught himself to play the piano by ear and entertained family and friends by performing. With his brother Fred and two friends he started the group that later became the world-famous Pennsylvanians. Tom developed a highly individual style in his compositions – a form which he developed into art songs. He stayed with the group for 25 years. He retired to Shawnee-on-Delaware, PA. There he devoted his abilities to community activities.

Waring was an artist as well as a musician. In December 1941 he had an exhibit at the Guy Eggleston Gallery in New York. His “Magnolia” and “Tiger Lily” paintings were described as examples of a high degree of the accuracy he achieved in his flower subjects.

After Tom’s retirement from touring, he operated a gift shop in Shawnee. He was an interior design consultant and window display artist. He was recognized by annual scholarships given in his name. The high school gymnasium in East Stroudsburg, PA was named and dedicated to his memory. He died in 1960 and interred next to his family in Shawnee Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Shawnee on Delaware, PA.