Randolph, Joyce

Joyce Randolph (born Joyce Sirola, October 21, 1924) is an American actress, best known for playing Trixie Norton on the television sitcom The Honeymooners.

Randolph was born in Detroit, Michigan, and moved to New York City in 1943 to pursue an acting career. She took roles on Broadway and landed various television roles.

In 1951, she was seen in a Clorets commercial by Jackie Gleason and was asked to appear in a skit on Cavalcade of Stars, Gleason’s variety show on the DuMont Television Network. Soon after, she was cast as Trixie in The Honeymooners. Several New York columnists referred to her as the “Garbo of Detroit”. “That’s still a mystery … I was a nobody in Detroit. Why Garbo? Well, she was Scandinavian — and so was I”, responded Randolph.

Randolph married Richard Lincoln Charles on October 2, 1955, the day after The Honeymooners premiered. He was Shepherd from 1986-1997. Charles died in 1997 at age 74.

Joyce Randolph was elected Honorary Lifetime membership in The Lambs in 1998.