Lytell, Wilfred

Wilfred Lytell (16 October 1890 – 10 September 1954) was an American film actor. He appeared in 35 films between 1916-1954.

He was born in New York, the son of actor, author, and producer William H. Lytell.

Half brother of Shepherd Bert Lytell, Wilfred also starred in silent films. In 1923, after a day on set with Martha Mansfield, Wilfred tried to save Mansfield whose dress was engulfed in flames by a carelessly thrown cigarette. Wilfred wrapped his coat around her to extinguish the flames but it was too late. She died the following day from her burns.

He died in Salem, New York, age 62, on 10 September 1954. His older brother Bert died 18 days later in Manhattan.