Greene, Clay M.

Official Club portrait of Shepherd Clay M. Greene, Immortal Lambs
Clay M. Greene (1850-1933) was shepherd of The Lambs for 11 terms and boy and director many times. He was elected to The Lambs in 1887.

In 1888 the routine of monthly club dinners grew tiresome. One winter evening, a group of actors was sitting around a table. Thomas Manning “waxed critical” and said, “I have grown aweary of these feasts of dearly-bought eloquence which cost so much and return so little.” Greene, the youngest, responded, “Then let us do this. Build for ourselves a mimic theatre in which our actors shall entertain the fold, and at no cost to themselves save what they may buy from our store of food and wine.” On January 8, 1888, the club held its first “gambol” in a makeshift theatre in the clubhouse at 34 West 26th Street.

He led the club through perilous years and devoted the last 15 years of his life to the club. At one time he loaned the club about $35,000, without security, which would be about $700,000 today. He was named to the list of Immortal Lambs.