Grainger, John E.I.

John E.I. Grainger (1844-1916) was one of the six founders of The Lambs at the December 1874 dinner at Delmonico’s. In 1875 Grainger was named the first treasurer of The Lambs. He served on the Council until 1880.

He was an English-born grocer and merchant in New York; a member of the Produce Exchange as a grain merchant on Pearl Street. He was a produce exporter, co-owner of Grainger & Wellman, on New Street. In 1880 his businesses failed and he was arrested for financial crimes.

Grainger was one of the founders of the American Foxterrier Club and a member of the American Kennel Club in the 1880s.

John E.I. Grainger died in 1916 in Warwickshire, England.