Arnott, Edward

Edward ArnottEdward S. Arnott was one of the six founders of The Lambs at the December 1874 dinner at Delmonico’s. He was a stage actor and member of the company of Wallack’s Theatre. He was the original Corry Kinchella in The Shaughraun. Other members of the company, including Harry Beckett, Henry J. Montague, and Arthur Wallack, were all original founding Lambs.

Born in England, Arnott came to New York in 1873. He was a member of the company of the Union Square Theatre and was at different times connected to other city playhouses, playing leading and light comedy parts in revivals. He toured San Francisco and the West. The Times said he was a “tall, stoutly-built man, with handsome features and a rich voice.” Among his most popular parts were as the villain of Lord Astray where he was “much admired.” Arnott’s career on Broadway stretched at least eleven years.

In early 1885 he was with a road company in Chicago at the Halstead Street Opera House. On February 6, 1885, he committed suicide. Arnott was interred there in Graceland Cemetery; the Actors Fund stepped in to cover the cost of burial.