Antonelli, Rosa

Rosa AntonelliArgentinian born Rosa Antonelli is hailed as a leading expert of Spanish and Latin American music. Dedicated to the performance of works of Latin American composers to audiences all over the world, including master Piazzolla, Ugarte, Gianneo and Gustavino. “She has this music in her DNA and is clearly not afraid to show it” – Fanfare Magazine. “Antonelli’s inward poetry forced me to rehear, and revalue Pizzolla’s Tangos, which she infused with an eloquence and inner communication,” – Harris Goldsmith, New York Concert Review.

Ms. Antonelli has appeared in concert venues around the world including several performances at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center in New York….and at: Milan’s Palazzo Visconti, Grenoble Auditorium in Naples, the Augustinum Theater of Bonn, Madrid’s Ateneo Theater, The Ostrowski Palace in Warsaw, The Atrium Theater in Prague, Center Hall of the Ginka Museum in Moscow, Bosendorfer Hall in Vienna, Cairo Opera House in Egypt, Casa de Espana in Utrecht, Maria Callas Hall in Athens, Cristofori Hall in Amsterdam, Colon Theater of Buenos Aires, Bogota’s Teatro Colon, Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City and Fastlich Auditorium in Tel Aviv. Her concerts have been broadcast on television and radio stations worldwide.

Ros has presented lectures and seminars on piano technique and interpretation in various European and Latin American countries. Additionally, she was the chairwoman of the Piano Department at the Provincial Conservatory of Music “Alberto Ginastera” for ten years, held the position of professor of the Piano Department at the National University of La Plata in Buenes Aires, and was invited to join the faculty of the piano department of Adelphi University when she came to the US in 1999. In 2006 she was granted her American citizenship because of her government status as “An Artist of Extraordinary Ability.”

Rosa’s discography include Piano, Live in Milano at the Palazzo Viscounti; Beethoven – Debussy – Ravel; Romantics Forever; and her most successful CD’s are Esperanza – Remembrance of Latin Sounds, and Abrazando Latin Embrance. Her book Piano: The Spirit of Technique and Interpretation for Teachers and Students was published in 2013. She is a proud member of the distinguished roster of Steinway Artists since 1998.

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