Conversations with Matthew Broderick

By Lambs Club 10/19/16

Nice Work StudioOn Tuesday, October 18th, 2016, The Lambs held a Shepherd’s Luncheon, “Conversations with Matthew Broderick.” (You can read Matthew’s program notes HERE.)

A large turnout of fans, Lambs and friends enjoyed a 3-course meal then listened to a Q&A with Matthew, moderated by Lamb Lee Pfeiffer. Lee runs Cinema Retro Magazine and is well versed in the craft of the interview. Matthew was candid, genuine and funny. After the event guests posed for photos while he signed programs. The event benefited The Lambs Foundation Piano Drive. It is our custom to offer Shepherd Luncheon speakers an honorarium of $150 as a donation to the charity of their choice. Matthew’s choice was The Lambs Foundation. The event raised approximately $2,000 for our piano fund.

At the end of the conversation, Shepherd Marc Baron presented Matthew with a certificate of Honorary Lifetime Membership. The certificate read, “”On this day of October 18, 2016, by Proclamation of Council, hereby confers upon Matthew Broderick Honorary Lifetime Membership in recognition of outstanding achievement in theater, film and television, and for his dedication to charitable community events and theatrical organizations.”

Boy Peter Kingsley and Entertainment Co-Chair Davida Rothberg ran their 50/50 raffle magic. A total of $685 was collected, 1/2 of that being the prize. The winner was….Peter Kingsley, who generously donated the prize to the Foundation. Many thanks to Chef Gary and the 3 West kitchen staff, to Bob Felice, Roy Mezzappelle and leslie Shreve for manning the check-in desk, and to Jim Manley for the photographs (some posted below, more to come!)…and our next event can be seen HERE.

Here’s a video of the Q & A: