Art Restoration Reveal

By Lambs Club 8/7/20


The Lambs Foundation board has approved a long-term art conservation program to restore and protect our valuable collection. The collection has items going back to the 1700’s, and the collection’s portraits of past members is a virtual Who’s Who of American theater. Inspired by Lamb Christiana Cunningham-Adams, a well established conservator who donated her services by working on two items in the collection, the Foundation agreed it was time to launch a more dedicated effort.

Lead by the Foundations’ curator, Kevin Fitzpatrick, we engaged Lansing Morse and his Center Art Studio and began choosing items needing immediate preservation. On this night Lansing and Kevin revealed the results of the first round of work.

The art conversation is a long term project, and donations are most welcome to help us continue this project. The Lambs Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 charity in the State of New York. Donations are considered tax deductible to the extent as provided by law. Please check with your tax advisor. Persons interest in underwriting the entire cost of any item would additional have their names credited. To donate, please CLICK HERE, or email Kevin Fitzpatrick:  [email protected]