Art Conservation Project

By Lambs Club 8/13/16

Christy Cunningham-AdamsThe Lambs welcomes its newest member, Christiana Cunningham-Adams (sponsored by Lamb Sarah Ann Rodgers).

Christy is a well respected master of fine arts painting conservation. Among her work includes restoration of murals in the US Capitol and in the US Dept of Justice, and work for the Ellis Island Foundation. Christy has generously offered to work on paintings hanging in The Lambs (all the art and archives hanging on our walls are the property of our Lambs Foundation).

Although based in Washington, Christy frequently visits New York and will work on paintings as her schedule allows. She will set-up “shop” in the smallest rehearsal space, known as the card room. On the days of restoration/conservation the room will be locked and taken off the web site reservation system. To avoid ‘panic’ a sign will be posted in an empty space when a painting has been removed for work.

Please welcome Christy, and join us in giving our thanks for this tremendous contribution to our club. Read more about Ms. Cunningham-Adams at her web site: