Admissions Committee Report:

By Ryan Foy 1/15/21

As required by our Lambs 2016 Blue Book, all new or proposed members are to be posted on our bulletin boards, allowing members an opportunity to support or object to any membership application. The Council has agreed that in addition to our physical space, the web site shall also contain these postings. Here we are also able to add photos so you may properly welcome these members into the Fold. Member bios may be found in the Roster of Members.

New Members

Zac Hill (Patron)  Sponsors: Tara Burton, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Ben Van Diest
Anita Gillette (Honorary)
Dhananjay Jagannathan (Patron)   Sponsors: Kevin Fitzpatrick, Don Spiro
Nora Bartosik (Theatrical)    Sponsors: Spence Porter, Kevin Fitzpatrick
Rita W. Warner (Patron)  Sponsors: Peter Dizozza, Marti Stine
Beth Goffe (Theatrical) Sponsors: Kevin Fitzpatrick, Peter Kingsley
Janet Luhrs (TDB) Sponsors: Sarah-Ann Rodgers, Phyllis Cox
Seth Lipton (TBD) ♣ Sponsors: Tara Isabella Burton, Don Spiro
Sharon Denning (TBD) ♣ Sponsors: Tara Isabella Burton, Don Spiro
Dale Badway (Theatrical) Sponsors: Marc Baron, TBD
Bill Zeffiro (Theatrical)  Sponsors: Kevin Fitzpatrick, Marc Baron
Jenny Lynn Stewart (Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors: Leslie Middlebrook, Sarah-Ann Rodgers
Alexandra Warrick (TBD) ♣ Sponsors: Tara Isabella Burton, Dhananjay Jagannathan

Applications Approved (Pending Payment)

Eden Atencio (Theatrical) ♣   Sponsors: Don Spiro, Kevin Fitzpatrick

Applications Pending Interview

Susannah Black (Theatrical) Sponsors: Kevin Fitzpatrick, Tara Burton
Bonnie Seiler (Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors: Camille Savitz,
Julie Meinwald (Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors: Tara Isabelle Burton