Admissions Committee Report:

June 10, 2019

As required by our Lambs 2016 Blue Book, all new or proposed members are to be posted on our bulletin boards, allowing members an opportunity to support or object to any membership application. The Council has agreed that in addition to our physical space, the web site shall also contain these postings. Here we are also able to add photos so you may properly welcome these members into the Fold. Member bios may be found in the Roster of Members.

New Members

Matt Saha (TheatricalSponsors: Peter Kinglsey, Marc Baron (Harvardwood Member)
Alyce Mott (Theatrical) Sponsors: Shawn Amdur, leslie Shreve
Phyllis Chase (Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors: Peggy Chane
Jay Michaels (Honorary Theatrical ♣ Publicist working for the Club
Ian Finkel (Theatrical♣ Sponsors: David Konig, Bob Greenberg
Susan DiLallo (Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors: leslie Shreve
Michael McCurdy (Honoraryas President of The Players
Spence Porter (Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors: Gary Shapiro, Marc Baron
Loretta Swit (Honorary; by order of Council)
Debbie Poryes (Non-Resident Theatrical)  Sponsors: Marc Baron, Magda Katz
James Lawson (TheatricalSponsors: Tandy Cronyn, leslie Shreve
Billy Mann (Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors: Marc Baron
Myra Chanin (Non-Resident Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors: Sandi Durell, Magda Katz
Linda Purl (Theatrical Sponsors: Magda Katz, Pat Addis
Susannah Talley (Theatrical♣ Sponsors: Peter Kinglsey, Marc Baron

Applications Approved (Pending Payment)

David Roberts (Theatrical) Sponsors: Sandi Durell, Magda Katz
Joseph Verlezza (Theatrical) Sponsors: Sandi Durell, Magda Katz

AADA Scholarship 2019

Katani Lewis (Jr. Theatrical)
Maria Agostina Becca (Jr. Theatrical)

Applications Pending Interview