The Lambs, Inc. (Incorporated in the State New York in 1877) is governed by an elected Council consisting of Officers, which include the President – styled Shepherd; Vice-president – styled Boy; Corresponding Secretary; Recording Secretary; Treasurer and Historian; and a Board of Directors, which includes all ex-Shepherds. Elections are held annually as terms expire; each position has a 3-year term. Annual Membership Meetings and elections are held in November. Our current Council members are:

Marc Baron, Shepherd
Peter Kinglsey, Boy
Elaine Marlowe, Corresponding Secretary
Eileen Lacy, Recording Secretary
Deborah Stone, Treasurer
Kevin Fitzpatrick, Historian/Librarian

Council Members
Margot Astrachan, Peter Dizozza, Bob Greenberg, Magda Katz, Alexandra Nader (Asst. Librarian), Richard J. Porter, Sarah-Ann Rodgers, Gus Rosendale, Davida Rothberg, leslie Shreve, Don Spiro (Asst. Historian), and Martha Cohen Stine

Our Shepherds

Hare, John1869
Montague, Henry J.1874-1878
Wallack, J. Lester1878-1879, 1880-1882, 1884-1888
Beckett, Harry1879-1880
Florence, William J.1882-1884
Brady, John R.1888-1890
Holland, Edmund M.1890-1891
Greene, Clay M.1891-1898, 1902-1906
Clarke, Thomas B.1898-1900
Hopper, DeWolf1900-1902
Lackaye, Wilton1906-1907
Thomas, Augustus1907-1910
Grismer, Joseph R.1911-1913, 1917-1918
Courtleigh, William1913-1917
Burnside, R. H.1918-1921
Brown, Albert O.1921-1924, 1930-1932
Meighan, Thomas1924-1926
Wise, Thomas A.1926-1928
Williams, Fritz1928-1930
Crumit, Frank1932-1936
Gaxton, William1936-1939, 1952-1953, 1957-1959, 1960-1961
Waring, Fred1939-1942
Golden, John1942-1945
Peck, Raymond W.1945-1947
Lytell, Bert1947-1952
Greaza, Walter N.1953-1956
Thomas, Frank M., Sr.1962-1963
Begley, Martin J.1964-1965
Hershfield, Harry1966-1969
Waldron, Jack1969
Dillon, Tom1969-1986
Charles, Richard Lincoln1986-1997
Pocock, A.J.1998-2001
Brown, Bruce2002-2008
Phillips, Randy2008-2013
Baron, Marc2013-Present