Lambs Council 2023
Lambs Council 2023. Front row, left to right: Recording Secretary Eileen Lacy, Shepherd Kevin Fitzpatrick, Treasurer Deborah Stone, Boy Don Spiro. Standing, left to right: Historian/Librarian John Batteiger, Directors Peter Dizozza, Bob Greenberg, Gus Rosendale, Sarah Ann Rodgers, Shepherd Emeritus Marc Baron, Directors Leslie Shreve and Beth Goffe. Not pictured: Corresponding Secretary Elaine Marlowe, Directors Ellen Berry, Alexandra Nader, Richard James Porter, Davida Rothberg, Mardi Stine.

The Lambs, Inc. (Incorporated in the State New York in 1877) is governed by an elected Council consisting of Officers, which include the President – styled Shepherd; Vice-president – styled Boy; Corresponding Secretary; Recording Secretary; Treasurer and Historian; and a Board of Directors, which includes all ex-Shepherds. Elections are held annually as terms expire; each position has a 3-year term. Annual Membership Meetings and elections are held in November. Our current Council members are:

Kevin C. Fitzpatrick, Shepherd
Don Spiro, Boy
Elaine Marlowe, Corresponding Secretary
Eileen Lacy, Recording Secretary
Deborah Stone, Treasurer
John Batteiger, Historian/Librarian

Council Members
Marc Baron (Shepherd Emeritus), Peter Dizozza, Bob Greenberg, Magda Katz, Alexandra Nader (Asst. Librarian), Richard J. Porter, Sarah-Ann Rodgers, Gus Rosendale, Davida Rothberg, leslie Shreve, and Martha Cohen Stine

Our Shepherds

Montague, Henry J.1874-1878
Wallack, J. Lester1878-1879, 1880-1882, 1884-1888
Beckett, Harry1879-1880
Florence, William J.1882-1884
Brady, John R.1888-1890
Holland, Edmund M.1890-1891
Greene, Clay M.1891-1898, 1902-1906
Clarke, Thomas B.1898-1900
Hopper, DeWolf1900-1902
Lackaye, Wilton1906-1907
Thomas, Augustus1907-1910
Grismer, Joseph R.1911-1913, 1917-1918
Courtleigh, William1913-1917
Burnside, R. H.1918-1921
Brown, Albert O.1921-1924, 1930-1932
Meighan, Thomas1924-1926
Wise, Thomas A.1926-1928
Williams, Fritz1928-1930
Crumit, Frank1932-1936
Gaxton, William1936-1939, 1952-1953, 1957-1959, 1960-1961
Waring, Fred1939-1942
Golden, John1942-1945
Peck, Raymond W.1945-1947
Lytell, Bert1947-1952
Greaza, Walter N.1953-1956
Thomas, Frank M., Sr.1962-1963
Begley, Martin J.1964-1965
Hershfield, Harry1966-1969
Waldron, Jack1969
Dillon, Tom1969-1986
Charles, Richard Lincoln1986-1997
Pocock, A.J.1998-2001
Brown, Bruce2002-2008
Phillips, Randy2008-2013
Baron, Marc2013-2022
Fitzpatrick, Kevin2022-present