Becoming A Member

The Lambs is focused on persons who are active (or retired) as professionals in entertainment and the arts. We do welcome non-theatrical members (Patrons) but limit to no more than 25% of our total membership.  Membership in The Lambs ® is by invitation from a member-in-good standing (or Sponsor). Admissions Committee interviews are held on a regular basis to consider applicants – in person, or by telephone. Members must be at least 21 years of age. If you do not know a member and are interested in membership please email us to arrange a guest visit. Past members of the Club are welcome to rejoin; we ask that you provide some sort of proof of past membership, such as a membership card, a letter addressed to you, a listing in the member roster or verification by a current member. The Lambs boasts an extremely low initiation fee, very affordable annual dues with no minimum spending requirements.

The actual category of membership shall be determined by the Admissions Committee. Membership Categories are:

Theatrical: This class shall include only such persons who engage their services professionally as actors, playwrights, novelists, artists, sculptors, entertainers, composers, singers and musical artists, conductors and arrangers, theatrical-motion picture-radio-television producers, scenic and costume designers, choreographers, theatrical managers and agents, theatrical treasurers, advance agents and press agents, stage-radio-motion- picture-television directors and stage managers, radio and television announcers and commentators, stage hands, wardrobe masters, sound engineers, lighting designers, and craft technicians, journalists, authors and more.

Junior Theatrical: A sub-category of the Theatrical class where members under the age of 40 receive a discounted dues rate and discounted initiation fee.

Patron: (Non-theatrical) This class shall include persons who are not engaged in any of the professions or vocations specified for qualification as Theatrical members. The Club limits this class to no more than 25% of its total membership.

Life Membership: First created by the Council in October 1888. Life Membership may be purchased by members with five (5) years’ of membership at ten times the highest current annual dues. Lifetime Membership must be approved by our Council.

Non-Resident: A discounted membership for those with a legal residence more than 50 miles from Columbus Circle (as defined in the Rand McNally radius map), and not having a permanent office for the transaction of business, or a residence within the City of New York.

Clergy Members: This class shall include any ordained cleric of a major religious faith who is currently engaged in such a profession.

Associate Members: This class is reserved for full-time college students enrolled in the study of theater, drama, music or writing. Requires a letter of recommendation from a department Chair or Dean of studies. Restrictions apply.

We offer reduced initiation fees for staff of SAG-AFTRA, The Episcopal Actors Guild, Harvardwood, the Twelfth Night Club, League of Professional Women, Sons of the Desert, the Coffee House, and to the staff and board of directors of The Actors Fund. Email us below for more information.

 If you are interested in learning more about membership in The Lambs,
please contact our Admissions Chair, Peter Kingsley: [email protected]