Virtual Conversation: Melissa Newman

January 29, 2021

January 28, 2021:   Melissa Newman is an artist who works primarily porcelain and stoneware. She has shown work around the Northeast, with pieces included in the 2012 Hamptons Show House. She also performs frequently with her jazz trio. Melissa has spent almost 20 years volunteering and working with the inspiring women at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, teaching… Continue reading →

Admissions Committee Report:

January 15, 2021

As required by our Lambs 2016 Blue Book, all new or proposed members are to be posted on our bulletin boards, allowing members an opportunity to support or object to any membership application. The Council has agreed that in addition to our physical space, the web site shall also contain these postings. Here we are… Continue reading →

Virtual Conversation: Michael Riedel

January 13, 2021

Michael Riedel has been the theater columnist for the New York Post since 1998. New York magazine has called his column a “must-read” for the theater world. Michael began his radio career as regular on the Imus in the Morning show in 2011. In 2017 WOR, New York’s oldest and highest-rated station, asked him to… Continue reading →