New Calendar & Low Jinks Calendar

January 22, 2020

We’ve combined our Low Jinks schedule and Events schedule into a single document. It’s preferred that members simply visit the online Calendar to see upcoming activities, but they may also see the schedule in a document form. Visit Calendar See Document

The Lambs Club Cocktail

January 4, 2020

Featured image for The Lambs Club Cocktail

Over the 145-year history of The Lambs many items were named in our honor. We had a train car (now in Ohio), we had a WWI transport ship, and the Lambs Club Classic Cigar and Lambs Club Cubano. There is also a recipe for a Lambs’ Club Champagne Punch … and a Lambs Club Cocktail. … Continue reading →

Winter Warnings

January 1, 2020

Not that we’re in the midst of winter, please check here for weather closures. Should extreme weather close the 3 West building or cause the cancellation of a Low Jinks or event, simply log in and it will be posted here.