Play readings at The Lambs

February 18, 2018

Among the many events held at The Lambs are play readings in our fifth floor “black box” theater. We host the playwright group [email protected], where authors have their works read by actors, then get feedback as part of the play development process. This reading of February 15th includes cast members Amanda Jones, Lamb Tandy Cronyn,… Continue reading →

2019 Dues Notice

February 18, 2018

Dues notices were mailed to all members in late January. Avoid late fees by paying dues before March 20th. Your prompt payment is appreciated! Please note, 2019 Dues will be increasing $50 for all categories. To prevent further increases, or the need for an assessment, please bring in more members!! More members help pay the… Continue reading →

A Brief History of The Lambs

February 14, 2018

The Lambs now offers a brief history on the club and its 143 years on contributions to entertainment, music and the arts. The PowerPoint presentation runs about 1 hour, and may be offered on site, or within our clubhouse. We discuss the origins of The Lambs starting in London in 1869, highlight some of the… Continue reading →