3 West / WNRC Lease Negotiations

March 29, 2016

We are now in a difficult lease renewal negotiation with WNRC / 3 West. During this time it will be very helpful if all members follow our rules closely, and help give them less opportunity to find fault with us.

They are asking for an increase in our affiliation fee, rent, and the addition of a property tax contribution, essentially totaling to a 50% increase over our current lease (which expired June 30th).

I have had the first of what will be many meetings. The new WNRC president, Robin Weaver, made it clear that all negotiations will be with the building manager, Jim Cirillo. She also made it clear that the WNRC does not want us to leave and has no other tenant looking for our space. This will be a long process – but we are doing our homework. We have enlisted the help of a commercial real estate attorney, and a commercial real estate broker (who has offered to do the actual negotiations), and we’re guided by one of our members, Robert Tevis, who has published a book on negotiations. Our Council has already had one lengthy meeting, and will convene again soon to discuss our counter proposal.

Meanwhile, it’s business as usual. It would be wise to not show anger at any of our WNRC friends, but rather express disappointment and shock, stating we hope we can come to terms. It truly is in the best interest of both organizations to come to a reasonable agreement.

Please note, any increase in rent will cause an increase in dues. We hope we can keep that as minimal as possible but we cannot keep operating in the ‘red.’ As mentioned often, the one thing each member can do to help is to bring in new members. If we get our membership higher there are more to share in the costs, and that keeps the dues low.

We look forward to a reasoanble deal, and then to continue our plans to improve and upgrade or 5th floor quarters, and to adding more events (and more variety of events). Please read your emails and check back here for any important updates.

Marc Baron

The Passing of Ken Howard

March 23, 2016

It is with deep regret I report the sudden passing of Ken Howard. As you know, Ken was honored with a Shepherd’s just a year ago where he was bestowed Lifetime Honorary membership.

Ken was a committed advocate for performer’s rights, a supporter of strong labor protections, and a talented award winning actor. I was proud to work alongside Ken during the merger of SAG and AFTRA (along with fellow Lamb leslie Shreve). It was Ken’s vision and leadership that brought that historic moment into existence. Ken often had said that the merger was the perhaps the most important thing he had ever done. Ken also did what he could to help promote The Lambs and he took great pride in being among our ranks. And on a personal note, I considered him a friend.

Sometimes there are no words…..

Read more on SAG-AFTRAVariety, and the Hollywood Reporter

In lieu of flowers the family requests donations be made in Ken’s name to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation or the Onyx and Breezy Foundation.

Below are photos (courtesy of Lamb Jim Manley) from The Lambs’s luncheon where Ken was inducted as a member.


Wearing of the Green

March 18, 2016

The Lambs celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in the Grand Salon with the Annual 3 West All-Building Party. A ten-hour marathon of good food and drink starting at Noon, ending at 10:00 PM. A sumptuous buffet, perfectly crafted by Chef Gary and his staff, included rye and Irish soda bread, corned beef, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and Irish stew, followed by Irish brownies, almond cake and cookies, and coffee.

In the evening a variety of live entertainment included music by Bruce Foley and John Nolan; and performances by the Niall O’Leary Step Dancers.