2017 Dues Rates & Billing

December 28, 2016

Please note: 2017 Membership Dues have been mailed. All are due upon receipt – your prompt payment is appreciated.

Please Note:

  • Theatrical Dues are : $625
  • Patron Dues: $775  (formerly called Non-Theatrical)
  • Junior Theatrical: $325
  • Clergy: $525
  • A non-resident discount of $100 applies to Theatrical / Patron / Clergy
  • Initiation Fee for new members is 55% of applicable dues before non-resident discount
  • Returning Member Processing Fee: $50
  • Late Fees: $25 after 60 days; Additional $25 of 90 Days

Admissions Committee Report:

December 1, 2016

As required by our Lambs 2016 Blue Book, all new or proposed members are to be posted on our bulletin boards, allowing members an opportunity to support or object to any membership application. The Council has agreed that in addition to our physical space, the web site shall also contain these postings. Here we are also able to add photos so you may properly welcome these members into the Fold.

New Members
Michael Barra (Honorary Member as President of The Players)
Frank P. Lettera (Non-Theatrical)  ♣  Sponsors: Jack Smith, Marylan Dolan
Anik Baker (Honorary) Anik will be a volunteer intern helping Historian Gini Dustin
Patricia Di Benedetto Snyder (Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors: Pat Addis, Magda Katz
Christiana Cunningham-Adams (Honorary) ♣ by vote of of Council; Art conservator
Eileen Deutsch (Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors: Wanda McCormick, Marc Baron
Roy Mezzapelle (Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors: Jack Smith, Marc Baron
Salvatore Salamone (Non-Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors: JoMarie Triolo, David Starr
Eric Lamp (Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors: William Remmers, Marti Stine
Joan Kane (Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors: Peggy Chane, leslie Shreve
Rose DeSena (Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors: leslie Shreve, Peggy Chane

Returning Member

Laird Douglas Banks

Applications Approved (Pending Payment)

Roseanne Christie (Theatrical) ♣ Lisa DeFelice, Tony Mowatt
William Berloni (Non-Resident Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors: Fr. John Sheehan, Vivienne Gilbert

Applications Pending

Catherine Karanas  (Non-Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors (Pending)
George Perifimos (Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors: Victor Lesser, TBD
Peggy Jackson (Theatrical) ♣  Sponsors: Peggy Chane, Anne Hamburger
Lily Zivchovic (Theatrical) ♣ Sponsors: Peter Dizozza, Marc Baron
Karen Beluso (Theatrical) ♣ Rosa Antonelli, Marc Baron